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Over the past 30 years so much has changed in what we see, where we see it and how much it costs when it comes to Oriental Rugs. This makes valuation of rugs a real art. Don’t get fooled by inflated values that the seller may put on an “appraisal”.

So, what goes into the value of a rug?

When we started in this business, over 35 years ago, this was a much easier question to answer. Quality was king! Iran (Persia) was the largest producer of rugs and was the benchmark against which most other new rugs were compared. So much has changed.

Quality and Country of Origin are still very important, but, there is much more.

Today, the market value of oriental rugs is very dependent on the ever changing fashion trends that we see in other home furnishings and women’s fashion.

Here is what we look at when we evaluate Oriental Rugs:

  • Quality- Wool, Weaves and Dyes
  • Country of Origin

Great quality oriental rugs are made not only in Iran but also in India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Tibet (Nepal) and other countries. So, with modern rugs, Country of Origin comes into play more when considering the cost of labor and getting the product to market than categorically whether one country makes better rugs than another. What Steve’s grandfather said decades ago is more true than ever today, “Look at the personality, not the nationality, of the rug”

  • Color and Design

The business for both new and old rugs is a fashion business. Color & design have a profound impact on market value.

  • Age and Condition

This refers specifically to used and Antique Rugs. Although age will most often enhance the value of a rug, condition can temper that. We go into more detail when we answer, “Can a worn rug still have value?”

  • That Little Touch of Magic

Oriental Rugs, after all, are an art form and their real value goes beyond the fundamentals we outlined. A great rug will speak to you. Listen.

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That is the comment that I get when people call me after seeing me on an episode.

I always know when the segments I appeared in are re-broadcast because emails come in from viewers  all over the country. It’s great!

In Episode 1919 from Season 19, The Billerica House, I showed viewers how an Oriental stair rug is professionally installed, and in the  recently re-televised episode 2515 from Season 25, The Cambridge House, I took viewers on a guided tour explaining how fine rugs are  properly cleaned and restored. Unfortunately, they are not posted on youtube, so you will just have to keep an eye out for re-broadcasts of those projects and tune in.

If you are starting your search for a great rug for your home, go to http://www.thisoldhouse.com and type in “Choosing an Oriental Rug” before you start out.

And, if you have a rug that you need advice on value and how to care for, drop me an email and I will get right back to you.

I look forward to talking with you.


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I would like to offer my advice to all group members who have questions about the care or valuation of any Oriental or other Fine rugs. It has been not only my business but my passion for over 35 years.

Just send me an email with photos and I’ll get right back to you.


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Mildew at Work on a Kerman Rug (Iran)

This is a very busy time for Insurers and Restoration Companies.

With the tons of snow we  had this past winter, especially in New England, and the “big melt” this spring, dealing with structural damage keeps you hopping, but damaged personal property is often not far behind.

If you are involved in contents claims that involve fine rugs and want to avoid dispute, I invite all to email or call and we would be happy to help you understand what you are looking at and what your options might be. This service is free. Send either of us a note and we will get back to you.  Give us a call if that is more convenient. Our phone number is 603-880-7333

Steve can be reached by email at  steve@themeragroup.com

Sy can be reached at sy@themeragroup.com

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